Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Get Schooled On Chanel

Coco Chanel was born Gabrielle Chanel on August of 1883, in the small town of Saumur, France.  She was one of the pioneers of French fashion.  Her clothing was inspired by menswear and her modern views.  She aided in founding the brand Chanel, which is still famous and thriving today.  She believed in "expensive simplicity."  But here at Jupe, you know we believe in affordable beauty!  So here's how to get the classic Chanel look for less; if you prefer an edgier version of Chanel, we have that too! 

For the classic look: 
We paired our Necessary Objects jacket with a classic LBD and chain necklaces 
(that resemble the Chanel purse's chain handle!).
For the edgy look: 
We paired the jacket with an exposed zipper mini, burn out tee and bib necklace.
Where you see it:
The Chanel-inspired look is huge right now!  Check out the similar jacket on the cover of Lucky, in magazine ads and on the runway!

Okay, so I took the last one literally ;) But did you see this monstrosity!  Its a 75ft version of a Chanel jacket; it was on the Spring runway for Chanel in 2008...so cool!
How do you like wearing your chanel-inspired jacket?

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