Thursday, February 24, 2011

We're moving!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brilliant Blog: Rockstar Diaries

Say hello to the hottest new trendsetter in the blogosphere. A fellow fashionista clued us into the trendy and covetable lifestyle of D.C. based blogger/housewife Taza as she rears a child, dines deliciously, and rocks fabulous and fashion forward attire.

While there are a ton of new blogs worth reading, Rockstar Diaries is one of our current favs. Check out Taza and get inspired by her outfits, attitude, and amazing aura.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Awards: The Scandalous, The Scary, The Sensational, and The Down Right Weird

Overall the Grammy Awards last night were pretty great. With Fantastic performances by Eminem and Rihanna , Muse , and who could forget Mick Jagger, the man is 68yrs old  and had  more energy than some of twenty somethings performing. Very entertaining.

As for the fashions of the night there were also some pretty great dresses , but of course the great dresses were followed by some scandalous , scary, and weird (ahem Lady GaGa) dresses.

Lets Start off good with some favorites of the night.

 Hillary Scott, Lea Michele, Eva Longoria, and  Julianne Hough. These ladies looked fantastic , all of them wore dresses appropriate for their body types , each with a little sex appeal and class.

Now on to the scandalous of the night.

I am a big fan of every lady in this category, but not a big enough fan that i wanted to see everything they were putting out there. A rule my mother taught me : It is always better to leave a little for the imagination. But then again i guess some mom's probably said: Hey if you got it ,flaunt it. 

 And now for the scary...

There is not much to say about these looks , excpet for they definately stood out .  Now i hate to put Esperanza Spalding in this category because she did win best new artist and her dress was not terrible, it was the bubble gum pink shoes and the hair that put her in this category. Sorry Esperanza still love your music.

Next up , the pretty fantastic runner ups of the night

  Love all the gold tones and vintage vibes in these dresses. Well done Ladies!

And of course in a category all her own ...Lady GaGa

I think we have all come to realize that it is Hall-o-Ween 24/7 year round with Lady GaGa . From pointed shoulders, arriving in an egg, latex dance costumes, and overly large umbrella hats , GaGa pulled out all the stops for the  Grammys last night. I think we would have been quite disappointed if she hadn't . So, keep doing your thing GaGa because i am sure we will keep watching (and listening) .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

Need some fresh outfit ideas to get you through February? Take some cues from these fabulously dressed bloggers-->

Add textured leggings to a basic
knit for an uber current look
Photo Credits: FashionDistraction

Wear all black pieces
together for a European chic vibe
Photo Credits: SongofStyle

Nude heels give an otherwise casual
outfit a dressy and updated boost
Photo Credits: StylebyKling

A trendy printed scarf paired with a high waisted skirt,
black lace-up boots and tights = outfit perfection
Photo Credits: LeFlattery

Monday, February 7, 2011

Color me Red

" The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself . Which is why you should be your own valentine."

We love this quote  because it gives you an even better reason to splurge on some great V-day inspired pieces for yourself. Plus, you don't have to buy a gift for someone else if you are your own valentine.  

But....If you are ever so lucky to have a Valentine besides yourself, and are going on a romantic evening out with the hubby , what do you wear? Yikes.....don't worry we got you covered. ; )

 Here are some of our favorite V-Day looks, simple, easy, and gorgeous!

It is okay to go with the predictable red dress , especially when it is so cute. If you are looking to go with a bit of a different look this black dress with chain embellishments is a great pick! Take it from Kim K and Anne Hathaway , if you go simple add some great accessories.  Your dress does not have to be red on V-day it can be black, purple, pink, orange ....whatever you feel good in .

Nude pumps make your legs look longer and are a great alternative to your usual black pumps. A printed peep toe pump is versatile and adds a little oomph to a simple outfit.

 Enjoy <3 Jupe

Dresses and Jewelry available at :
Kim K Photo:
Anne Hathaway photo:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Etsy Inspired Spring

Here at Jupe we love supporting other small businesses like our-self , and we love seeing the great pieces independent designers come up with . So, we have put together a collage of some of our best finds on Etsy,  Etsy is full of spring inspired pieces to help you properly prepare for  the season ahead. Silver Ridge Studio has some of the most fantastic water color fashion illustrations, perfect for bringing some color into your home for the spring. They are extremely affordable and have recently been featured in Lucky Magazine. Sea Of Blooming Dreams are all handmade accessories such as hair pins and necklaces. They are adorable and so much fun , and best of all you can have pieces custom made to fit your style. The Home Centric has some of the most beautiful hand crafted pillows we have ever seen. Definitely worth checking out. River of Romansk has the prettiest selection of delicate feminine dresses.Dresses like these need to be worn with bare feet running through rolling fields of grass and poppy  flowers , or just on a really romantic date. The Etsy shop Hopeless is full of amazing Vintage inspired Handmade silk lingerie. The shop also includes great hair pieces and has some perfect items for Valentines Day.

Jupe <3's  Etsy and Spring!