Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Awards: The Scandalous, The Scary, The Sensational, and The Down Right Weird

Overall the Grammy Awards last night were pretty great. With Fantastic performances by Eminem and Rihanna , Muse , and who could forget Mick Jagger, the man is 68yrs old  and had  more energy than some of twenty somethings performing. Very entertaining.

As for the fashions of the night there were also some pretty great dresses , but of course the great dresses were followed by some scandalous , scary, and weird (ahem Lady GaGa) dresses.

Lets Start off good with some favorites of the night.

 Hillary Scott, Lea Michele, Eva Longoria, and  Julianne Hough. These ladies looked fantastic , all of them wore dresses appropriate for their body types , each with a little sex appeal and class.

Now on to the scandalous of the night.

I am a big fan of every lady in this category, but not a big enough fan that i wanted to see everything they were putting out there. A rule my mother taught me : It is always better to leave a little for the imagination. But then again i guess some mom's probably said: Hey if you got it ,flaunt it. 

 And now for the scary...

There is not much to say about these looks , excpet for they definately stood out .  Now i hate to put Esperanza Spalding in this category because she did win best new artist and her dress was not terrible, it was the bubble gum pink shoes and the hair that put her in this category. Sorry Esperanza still love your music.

Next up , the pretty fantastic runner ups of the night

  Love all the gold tones and vintage vibes in these dresses. Well done Ladies!

And of course in a category all her own ...Lady GaGa

I think we have all come to realize that it is Hall-o-Ween 24/7 year round with Lady GaGa . From pointed shoulders, arriving in an egg, latex dance costumes, and overly large umbrella hats , GaGa pulled out all the stops for the  Grammys last night. I think we would have been quite disappointed if she hadn't . So, keep doing your thing GaGa because i am sure we will keep watching (and listening) .

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