Monday, January 19, 2009

New Brands for Spring!

New to Jupe this season: Haven and Plastic Island!

Haven features dresses with modern shapes in exclusive prints and fabrics. Many of these original dresses are 100% silk like these shown below.

Both Dresses by Haven $98

Plastic Island is a line that features high fashion style in an attainable and wearable way. They combine European details with wearable styles to create impeccable pieces for the modern woman. These pieces, shown below, would be an instant update to any wardrobe.

Belted Skirt by Plastic Island $124
Sweater by Plastic Island $167
Sweater Dress by Plastic Island

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Exclusive "Here We Go Stillers!" t-shirts at Jupe

It's time to support the team! For a limited time get these exclusive t-shirts at Jupe for $34. Featuring the "Pittsburghese" pronunciation of Steelers, "Stillers," these t's are printed on Alternative Apparel retro burnout t's. This shirt will feel comfy and worn from the start.
Here we go Stillers!