Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This beautiful jewel tone Ark & Co dress would be gorgeous just the way it is!
But instead, you can wear it three different ways; it's practically like having three different dresses!
See each style and where you can wear it:

All Zipped Up: This style has a great vintage feel, but the zipper gives it a bit of edge and modernity.
Great for work, an interview or a meet-the-parents date!

Single Lapel: This style has a great futuristic feel! Very unique single lapel/collar neckline.
This would be great for a day of shopping, dinner or a wedding.

Unzipped Plunge: This style adds the heat with a low neckline and adds interest with great drapey collars.
This is awesome for a night on the town or for that steamy saturday night date!

Ark & Co 3-in-1 Dress: $76

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