Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trend We Love: Sweethearts!

The sweetheart neckline is ultra feminine, delightfully coy, and mildly suggestive. This style emphasizes the natural curved shape of the bust to create a sexy decolletage that somehow retains its innocence. Best on mid to larger chests, this style works to create the sex-appeal that a normal strapless lacks for larger chests. On smaller chests this neckline accentuates femininity and creates curves. Often, dresses with the sweetheart neckline have great structure (like this one from Jupe Boutique). This enhances shape and creates support. Regardless of bust size, fit is very important. A dress of this type should have ample coverage and fit neither too loose, nor too tight. Complement a sweetheart dress with soft flirty curls, a great pair of pumps, and layered bracelets to create a look which manages to be girly, elegant, and effortlessly sexy all at the same time.

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