Sunday, September 28, 2008

"There's no Alternative to being yourself."

Founded in 1996, Alternative Apparel is a t-shirt line that is both fashion forward and socially conscious. This line promotes the idea that t-shirts are more than just a simple and casual piece. Founder Greg Alterman encourages that perfectly designed t-shirts can be accessorized, embellished, and styled to suit any individual and multitudes of occasions. Alterman believes that “free thinking people” can fully express themselves through what they wear and that the expertly tailored, super soft t’s are an excellent vehicle for that.

I couldn’t agree more. All of the Alternative Apparel that we carry here at Jupe is “Vintage Soft” and super comfortable. From the simpler, plain crewnecks, to the burnout tunic and the long sleeve acid wash top (pictured above), these t-shirts have character. And, if the style isn’t enough of a reason to purchase these t’s, you should check out Alternative Earth. This line, Alternative’s “green” option, is made from 100 percent organic cotton. So next time that you are heading out, think about how effortlessly chic an Alternative Apparel t-shirt would be with a great pair of boots and some bold jewelry. Take that t-shirt and make it your own, sista, because, as they say: “There is no Alternative to being yourself."

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