Sunday, June 13, 2010

Size and Fit

I took an unofficial twitter poll last week (thanks to all of you for responding!) asking "Do you always wear the same size?" The results were much as I expected: a unanimous "no". One Twitter friend told us that she has from size 2 through 16 in her closet! Another told us that she has all different sizes in her closet and that it depends on the fit, the piece, and the look that she's going for.

I always suggest to customers who eye a piece that we don't have "their" size to give it a try anyway. Fit depends so much on the cut of the item and how you want to wear it. If it's a dress that's a bit to big in the waist, but you love the print and price, a belt might be a simple solution for a better fit. If the small is just a bit too short, the medium might give you just enough extra length without being too big on top. I'm not advocating wearing clothes that don't fit well, just encouraging an open mind when it comes to the number on the label. Sometimes the only way that you really know how something will look is to give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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