Friday, November 13, 2009

***Take A Trip Back in Time***

In the 1800's a society of men called Dandies grew to be the majority. They were concerned by elegance in manner, and put great emphasis on dress. Their prized wardrobe elements were tailored coats, dramatic ruffles and the lushest of materials.

As we know the male-inspired tailored trend has exploded in women's fashion! Jupe has taken it a step further by adding timeless elegance and character. Take a step back in time with us:

* * *

Coat: Plastic Island $250, Dress: Quicksilver $108

Jacket: Platic Island $190, Skirt: Eight Sixty $72

Blouse: Theme $52, Skirt: BBDakota $62

Coat: Ark & Co $128

Coat: Tulle $102, Skirt: Parameter $108


styled and photographed by Elisa Llera

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