Friday, August 1, 2008

Head-to-Toe Color?

Reaching the peak of summer heat can only mean one thing: it's time to start shopping for fall. I used to work at a store where it was rumored that they would turn the air conditioning on extra high the first few weeks that they put out the new Fall clothing just to get you in the mood. As you freeze in your tiny tank and short shorts, you can't help but try on a sweater or two, right?... Now as we are sweltering and cool relief can't come soon enough, it is time to consider the new fall lines and trends that will consume us come September. Meandering around on I came upon an article entitled "A Singular Sensation: Designers Show One Love for Monochromatic Fall Looks." [] The article illustrates one particular look that was seen more than once on the Fall ’08 runways: head to toe; hat, dress, tights, shoes all the same shade of the same color. Now, we aren't talking simple black. I've been a fan of black tights with black pumps or boots since Sienna Miller did it a few years back, but that is a far cry from this new monotone look. The look these designers are showing is head-to-toe gunmetal silver, burnt orange, sapphire blue, winey red, and even prints. Yes. Printed tights to match your favorite dress! What is that age old adage that my mother used to say? Match your shoes to your handbag. Now this just takes matching to a whole new level. It used to be easy to slim your legs with black tights and black pumps with any mini-dress, but now what? Will you be buying your pumps in these fall hues with new tights to match? Is there any part of this trend that can be taken from runway to the real world? And to think, I thought mismatching was the "in" thing.

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