Thursday, July 17, 2008

How short is too short?

There is one warm weather staple that will always be a classic: the summer dress. This year dresses are showing up in every color, pattern, and length. Super long maxi dresses are a great trend this season, but short dresses are definitely the summer staple. The current trend toward longer tops with looser silhouettes to be worn with skinny jeans or leggings has helped to encourage the shorter hemlines we are now seeing on dresses. As the temperatures rise, it’s easy to neglect the leggings with our mini-dresses. Everyday, customers ask whether or not a piece can be worn as a dress, and there is never a clear answer to that question. Where do we draw the line between a dress, a tunic, or a shirt? How short is too short? What are the factors that tell us what the appropriate length for a dress? Is it age or body shape? Is it whether it is day or night, or is it the event to which we are going? Does it just come down to each individual’s comfort level?

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