Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trend Alert: What's Hot for 2011! Part 1...

Dying to know the latest and greatest spring and resort trends for 2011? Well fashionistas, you are in luck! Jupe's team of buyers have just returned from their quarterly purchasing trip and have the total scoop on what's all the rage!


Although lace has been big for a few seasons, the pieces being shown for spring are light or neutral in color (tan, white, beige) or black with lighter colored underlay. Check out Dolce and Gabbana runway footage for inspiration--it was filled with pieces constructed entirely of white cutout lace.

Photo Credits: FashionFame

Bright pinks/oranges

Think spring break, Fort Lauderdale in the 80's--the pinker, the better. Hot corals, bold magentas, and outrageous oranges are totally in vogue. NOTE: To avoid an over-the-top look, tone down bold colored items by pairing them with neutrals like grey, khaki, or white--they look classier when incorporated with muted palates.

Photo credits: Fashioncraz

Printed shorts

Whether they are covered in florals, bold patterns, animal prints, or tribal patterns, they are going to be a huge trend for the season. TIP: Stick with small, close knit patterns for a more flattering look.

Photo Credits: UrbanGirlDiary

Want more? Check back later this week for the full 411!

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