Monday, November 8, 2010

Trend Talk: Belt It!

Is your closet full, yet when it comes time to get dressed for the day you feel you have nothing to wear? Well fashionistas, that means it is time to reinvent! Breathe new life into your tired pieces by adding a belt. Here are the benefits of belting:
  • It will make a top appear fresh and new
  • It will give you a waistline, which means a more streamlined and slimming look
  • It is a totally trendy technique this season
  • It will make you look more put together overall, especially if you match it to your other accessories
Check out some ideas for incorporating a belt into your wardrobe today:

Pairing a belt and an oversized sweater
will give you shape and svelte

Using a basic colored waist accessory can make a glitzy
nighttime piece appropriate for day

With a basic blouse, a belt adds a more chic
and sophisticated look for the office

Give your simple cotton tee a stylish
and structured upgrade

1 comment:

brandon said...

Belts for me are always a good way to create a waist line on a good over size piece. There not a solution but always a great option