Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day to Night College Style

Hi everyone, my name is Gretta and the point of me blogging is to give some style ideas for you college girls.

The one very important thing I have learned about style at school is that you really have two different identities, the class room and the night life. Day to night styling tends to be very different, and combining the two is often difficult. 

Dressing for class requires something easy and comfortable.  Sure, you want to look good, but you don't always have time to plan out a great outfit before rushing off to class, and sitting through a long class being uncomfortable can turn into one of the worst hours of your life.
Going out however, you have the opportunity to take the time to perfect an outfit.  You don't really have to worry about comfort or rushing to put something together.  When going out, your main goal is simply to look good. 

 So, to help bring "day style" and "night style" together I have picked out a piece that can be used both in the classroom scene and during a night on the town.

Recently I have been in love with rompers. They are adorable, easy to slip on, and ridiculously comfortable, which makes them a perfect piece to wear to class. A romper can also easily be dressed up and made into a great outfit to go out in.  Therefore, a romper is just the perfect piece to add to your college wardrobe! 
Here are some of the ways a romper can be worn.....

To style your romper for class add some simple jewelry like the necklace you see in the picture.  I would pair the outfit with sandals and a cardigan. The cardigan is a very good idea because not only is it cute, but it will also keep you warm in a chilly classroom.

Now for dressing up your romper for a night out, I would add some eye-catching jewelry, preferably big bracelets and long dangling earrings.  Adding a belt is also something I would be likely to do, it adds a lot more to the outfit.  The last thing you need is a pair of banging heels and your night time outfit is ready for anything.

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