Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This fall's fashions have created an exhilarating atomosphere for fashion lovers. With tons of chances to change your style. Whether you've chosen to try the 1920's lingerie look, the rocker glam or ethno-chic, there is a way to wrap up those legs with warmth and style!

1920's Lingerie Look
The twenties exude boyish sex appeal with shapeless frocks and small berets and hats. To tryout this trend pair your best 20's-inspired frock with a pair of legwarmers atop your finest mary janes.

Rocker Glam
Get this hott look by sexying-up your 80's guy-inspired, studded leather jacket with sheer black tights. If you think you can be more rock-adventerous try a pair of this seasons new panel tights. Jean Paul Gaultier had them scampering all
over the runway.

A little more earthy? Is your sex appeal your down to earth personality?Pair that head scarf and chunky ethnic sweater with textured tights; whether scrunched up or cable knit.


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