Monday, April 27, 2009

Springtime in NYC via Karolyn

Ahhh, springtime in New York. The sun begins to shine, and New Yorkers emerge from their winter hibernation. They flood the streets, wearing a perfect mix of winter attire and spring best. It’s that transition time between wearing tights at night and gladiator sandals during the day, so I still see a lot of boots. Wearing camel brown tall or short boots is a nice way to ease into summer bare toes. I also love the spring jackets I’ve seen around: Everything from vintage leather bomber jackets on the hipsters, boyish navy blue blazers on the preps, and knee length trench on the uptown girls. My favorite of these trenches are ones in neutral colors, such as tan and caramel, with big, unique collars. Stay tuned for more spring fashion sights from New York …

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